I'm shooting a documentary film about four Brits taking part in the Race Across America, and as a director developing a feature doc about arguably the worlds most intense martial arts course in Japan. When I'm not working on docs with Ronin, I freelance in various roles.



My professional life is a balance of two roles. By day I am a freelance crew member, working on commercial, documentary and narrative projects. By night I run a small documentary production company called Ronin - we are currently in production on a film about four British cancer survivors taking part in the worlds most challenging ultramarathon bike race - the RAAM. It's a co-production, directed by James Copson, with me shooting.

Besides RAAM I am directing a film about the Japanese martial art of Aikido, pencilled for production in 2019/20. 

I love being on set, even if its just carrying boxes. So to balance the 'millionaire documentary lifestyle,' I support commercial and narrative shoots, usually in the production management, camera and lighting departments, but occasionally in sound and post.

Every project is a new chance to learn. I get to meet the most brilliant and fascinating people from so many walks of life, allowing me to develop as a storyteller, creative professional and wannabe adventurer.



I'm fortunate my work allows me to travel. I might be a dromomaniac - someone with an uncontrollable urge to wander. Friends call me a gypsie, perhaps nomad is a good compromise.

My work takes me to Sheffield, Manchester, Cornwall, London and Bristol on a regular basis, and once a month I visit Austria. I lived in Devon and Cornwall for many years working on my last doc; I'm still deeply connected to the Rame Peninsula through my work as a trustee for the charity, Kona.

My passions include analogue photography, Japanese culture, especially Aikido. Despite travelling, I am still a member of the Shingitai Plymouth School of Aikido where I first began to learn it. The training helps me to get in touch with the way my body moves - usually different from what my mind expects! It is the most challenging art form I have ever practised and at the same time the most addictive.

I enjoy art, films, reading – non-fiction mainly apart from the odd guilty pleasure of a Lee Childs novel or random comic. And of course docs, podcasts, live music, climbing, coffee and cooking - I moonlighted as a sushi chef for a while.

Some of my influences include Sophia Coppola, Michael Palin, John & Yoko, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Douglas Adams, Robert Frank, Bill Murray, Ken Robinson, Louis Theroux, Nick Broomfield, Seth Godin, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Andy Kaufman and my father.