I'm James, a documentary filmmaker & creative director at We Are Ronin.

Recent Projects

Two of my latest documentary projects.

Last Fisherman

Last Fisherman - a feature length documentary made for Austrian cinema and shot in both the beautiful mountains of Tirol, Austria and Cornwall's forgotten corner, The Rame Peninsula. Specifically in the villages of Kingsand and Cawsand.

Malcolm is the last traditional Fisherman in the Rame Peninsula, if not the whole of Cornwall. Still fishing with handmade pots, wooden boats and nets he keeps tradition alive with skills passed down from generations before. Malcolm is a connection to a way of life that doesn't exist anymore; the world around him has changed and his occupation, his village and his community are continually evolving at a rapid pace.

As a man out of time, he is struggling to understand his place in the world, but at the right moment an unlikely friendship forms with an Austrian youth worker whose passion for a simpler way of life and the preservation of these traditional skills leads to a future no one would have ever expected. Our documentary is a celebration of one man's life and the impact on his industry and local community. A realistic reminder that progress, industrialism and rapid change can have a harmful impact on the legacy of our forefathers.

The Anholt Project

Have you ever ventured into the unknown?

Taken a leap of faith?

The Anholt Project Documentary is the story of 3 people doing just that.

Leaving their normal lives behind, Marc from Spain, a Danish boy, Anders and an Austrian girl, Bianca, participate in a potentially life changing adventure without knowing exactly what they were getting themselves into. 

Accompanied by 21 others from 6 countries they find themselves whisked away to Anholt; a remote island in the Kattegat Sea, once a forrest island but now a desert, 6km across with only 160 inhabitants.

With only 3 rules and no official programme, their unknown objective is to build their own micro-society.

This is not Lord of The Flies, but it could be.