AK Tirol

Production, Camera & Post



AK Tirol is a public body which represents the workers of the Tirol region of Austria. AKs remit provides opportunities for youngsters who have fallen out of the work or education system. Their flagship project is based in Cornwall. These residential projects unfold over a month, where volunteers work alongside various mentors. These micro-docs were created jointly with the young people, in a style that suggests they are looking back on their experience years later. 


Director, Camera & Editor

1080p HD

Produced by
AK Tirol / Ronin

Canon 5D MkIII, Vintage Pentax Lenses, Rode NTG 3, FCPX



While on location in Cornwall shooting a documentary, I was commissioned by AK Tirol to shoot and direct four short ads to be played in cinemas across Tirol, Austria as a recruitment tool for their Ruckenwind (Tailwind) programme. Two ads were in German, two in English.

The premises for the shorts were based on those important life moments we don't fully understand or appreciate at the time; and the people behind making those moments unique. 

It was important the stories were authentic, so embedded with the project group I co-wrote the films with the youngster and recorded the narration. A simple visual style using a 'push in to focus' intro shot would begin the film. The ending was a call to action asking where a potential participant will find their tailwind