Beauty Bay

Lighting & Camera



Beauty Bay is a leading online retailer with a mission to increase their online presence with a seasonal video campaign. The project brief was to create a short ad, social content and develop a collection of beauty tutorials. The films incorporated presenter based lifestyle elements along with narrated tutorials from industry professionals.


Director of Photography &
Camera Operator

Canon XF 50Mbps CBR 4:2:2

Produced by
Beauty Bay / Anattic

Canon C300, Cine Primes, HMI, 300W Open Face & Dedo Kit



The Manchester-based production company, Anattic brought me onboard the production to light and shoot three shoots over the space of two years for Beauty Bay. The first was a Christmas shoot, the second had a homely, natural apartment vibe and the third was winter /Halloween themed.

Each requires a slightly different look an approach to stylistic choices and locations. The common requirement for each setup was to show off the makeup and model to the best quality. I felt that a flat, frontal light source would create little contrast on the face and so position the key light to the left of the camera. In the Christmas shoot especially the light source needs to be soft, warm and 'fuzzy', yet still being bright, clear and crisp.

I set up a 2K HMI as a book light, bounced into a 2x2 board, back through a 2x2 scrim with a soft grid diffusion. Fill from the front wasn't strictly required due to the position of the scrim just off the frames left, but I added a Dedo light bounced into a reflector which was dimmed as needed. The backlight (a little too intense looking back), brought the talent out of the background, motivated by the hanging practicals on frame right. The back window was taken down with ND gel, making it feel a little colder outside and allow for other warm practicals to create a Christmas feel. We ran two cameras, with Canon's newly released Cine Prime Lenses, mostly in a 35mm, 50mm and 85mm; they provided a warm, contrasty look that the colourist could use as a starting point.

Other looks were developed based on locations such as an urban apartment. The Halloween shoot switched to harder sources, focused more directly and utilised theatre lamps such as Fresnels and Lekolites.