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It's a small step in reality, but it feels so, so big. Months of planning and years of dreaming have led to this moment. As the final spell check is being (poorly) ran on these words, I board a plane for Tokyo to begin researching my next film about the art of Aikido.

It's a dream come true. 

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KonaJames Stier

As part of this year's Light & Dark photography project in Cornwall, we teamed up with Julian from Fosspots for a hands-on pottery lesson. 

As part of this year's Light & Dark photography project in Cornwall, we teamed up with Julian from Fosspots for a hands-on pottery lesson. 

Light & Dark is photography, work experience residential for six Austrian youngsters. The group have been shooting with some old school, 35mm SLRs, on black and white film. They will exhibit their work on the 21st December, at the Cawsand Congregational Chruch Hall between 6-7pm. 

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KonaJames Stier
Cow Shepherd

Adventures are personal things. The word can mean different things to different people; something we may take for granted, something 'small' such as going outside could be a big deal for someone. Equally, cycling across Syberia - unsupported - in winter - could be Majorcan bar owners idea of fun.

A few years ago I read the definition of adventure on a brown leather wristband given to me as a gift.

Adventure. Extreme circumstances, recounted in tranquility.

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Cornwall Fisherman Screening - Updated

Finally, our documentary the Last Fisherman will be screened in Cornwall at the 9th September at 6pm & 8pm.

UPDATE: The September the 9th weekend is a busy one for the documentary. Both screenings in the village have full sold out. 

Last Fisherman will also be screened at the Toronto Beaches Festival in Canada the same weekend. 

And finally, the Rame Peninsula will be featured on BBC One's Countryfile programme on Sunday 10th at 7pm. Leo and Malcolm will be popping up, along with some of our film.

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Creating More Art - Work & Aikido

Fun is easy right? Doing what you love shouldn't be hard, shouldn't be frightening, thats not how it works. Right? Well, I'm not sure thats true.

Allot of us do creative work, work which reveals a part of who we are on the inside. We are getting paid not only for completing the work, but for the emotional labor that involves. That can be frightening. It's frightening to stand up for what we believe in, to care, to take a creative risk that we then have to own.

Its the same when you put on your Gi and walk out on to that mat.

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Low-Fi in San Francisco

With a sequel to the Light and Dark 35mm project on the horizon, I have been testing a few small point and shoot, 35mm cameras. The likelihood is that we would continue to use manual SLR camera for the project for lots of reasons, quality been one.

I won't be writing a more detailed review of the camera as per some of my other posts, can't say I was a fan using the AF-7 but I wanted to share a few pictures anyway.

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James Stier