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 Photograph by James Copson

Photograph by James Copson

I have been away shooting a project in Greece with Anattic, Manchester. The project was on behalf of Flooglebinder, an B-Corp that believes that the best classrooms don’t have four walls. That learning through adventure beats a blackboard any day. And that, if you want to make a difference you need to expand your horizons and travel. 

The Flooglebinder team work with school and universities to provide travel opportunities to students that go way beyond just visiting as a tourist. They work closely with the local community in both the UK and abroad to enable these adventures to happen, the twist is that all of the experience Flooglebinder provide are linked to animal conservation and ecology. This gives the participants a meaningful, positive and truly intercultural experience that can have an impact on the future of our planet.

The project we shot was based in Zacharo, Greece. We worked closely with ARCHELON - a turtle conservation organisation with kick-ass volunteers who really allowed the Flooglers(?) to become embedded in their organsiation, supporting their efforts for a week. The group of youngsters were aged around 15 years old and camped close to the beach. Wether this made getting up at the crack of dawn every morning easier, I'm not so sure, but it certainly helped continue the theme of adventure and kept the group close to the turtles they were helping to catalog and protect.

Sadly we didn't get to see a turtle on the beach, despite many early mornings. It was amazing however to see one of these beautiful animals in the sea, and many more going through rehabilitation in Achelon's centre. The chance to see a turtle nest and their eggs were also a really moving experience, for all of us.

The Corinth Canal

Alongside the conservation work, there was a chance to see Greece, meet its people and experience a taste of its culture. I even got to complete a boyhood dream of visiting the awesome Corinth Canal. Something I have always wanted to do since seeing Michaela Palin's documentary Around the World in 80 Days. 

I wanted to take the chance to encourage anyone involved in and around education - students, teachers, parents, governors, LEA to check out their programmes. After working with Brad and Ian first hand I was blown away by their enthusiasm and passion for helping the environment and young people. 

Stay tuned for the films we are producing, they will be coming to this blog post as an update below, and to the Ronin website. Ronin is my video production company based in Bristol and the South West off the UK. Until the next adventure!

The Team - Cleaning Plastic


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