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International Film Festival Innsbruck


The next stop in screening the Last Fisherman documentary was in the films second home, Innsbruck - Austria. Despite the film being shown in the region multiple times we had a sellout screening through the IFFI at the cool Cinematograph theater in the centre of town.

I was lucky to be in Innsbruck at the time as part of a Youth In Action seminar. The seminar participants came along to the screening to support film, some very talented youth workers from all over Europe. So a big thank you to them and to the event organisers for hosting the Q&A session thereafter. It was also cool to be joined by Mark Lomas, a camera operator and member of the crew who got to see the film for the first time on the big screen.

All of us behind the film are still humbled by the reception we get, the cinema was packed and people even sat on the stairs. Just mind blowing.

The next stop for the film is Plymouth, and the Film Festival based out of the Plymouth Arts Centre - May 2017 (27th-28th). 

James Stier