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International Ocean Film Festival

 Leo & Malcolm Shooting a Net, Cawnsand Bay - Cornwall

Off the back of the Hof Festival we have been invited to show our documentary, 'Last Fisherman' at the San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival - or SFIOFF for fellow acronym lovers.

The IOFFs mission is to provide reasons to appreciate and care for the ocean by revealing its wonders, mystery and beauty through film. Every year they host a four-day ocean engagement event for audiences from around the world at the Cowell Theater, Fort Mason.

Our film will be shown on Friday, March 10 as part of  PROGRAM 3 which includes:

  1. Facing the Surge (USA), Diogo Castro Freire 25 min
  2. Appetite for Invasives (USA), Emily Driscoll 6 min
  3. Last Fisherman (UK) 76 min

Oh, and if you're in the neighbourhood tickets go on sale on the 2nd Feb, would be cool to say hello over coffee or a beer.