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Kona - A Mile in Their Shoes


After an amazing time in Austria promoting the Last Fisherman documentary I saw many young people who had been apart of the Star Gazy / Ruckenwind project that the documentary touches upon.

During the two yeas living and working in Cornwall my co-producer, Leo Kaserer asked if I could lend a hand on some film and art based projects. Together we started a small charity and have successfully ran a handful of projects, continuing the work with Malcolm, the Last Fisherman - but also expanding into art and environmental projects.

The Austrian youngsters have been asking for the films to be posted online, so here is the first film they made on the inaugrual film project. Its called In My Shoes. And looking back I still can't believe how good the groups work is. The small, 5 person team were responsible for writing, direction, lighting, photography, sound... the works.

Myself and a few colleagues supported the process but very quickly the group took ownership, leaving us to guide the team but ultimately redundant in technical and creative roles. I owe the approach I took in part to Paul Oxborough from Momentum World who served as a mentor in helping me adapt to leading and working with young people. Thanks Paul.

I would never have believed I could improve as a filmmaker by simply watching the group work and learn. Its interesting to see the challenges they face and how they overcome them from unexpected perspectives. Any way, it was good fun and hopefully the film represents that, along within the teams dark sense of humour. Enjoy.

In My Shoes
Made by Michael Nagele, Jakob Mirski, Lena Vogler, Nathalie Kirchner and Elias Mitter.