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Last Fisherman


So here we are. Nearly 3 years in the making - our mission telling the story of the last fisherman of Rame is complete. The credits are done and the Digital Cinema Package is being created ready for its screening in the Leo Kino (cinema), Innsbruck.

The story is about Malcolm, the last traditional fisherman in the Rame peninsula. The world has changed around him, leaving him behind and causing turmoil as he struggles to find a place in an ever-changing industry and community. Through an unlikely friendship, however, there is hope and even a way to preserve some of the skills that would otherwise be lost. 

 Malcolm's interview in his fishing store at Pember, Cawsand.

Malcolm's interview in his fishing store at Pember, Cawsand.

Working on a project for so long has left me with some mixed feelings. I am very honoured and humbled to have been a part of both Malcolm's and Leo's life for such a long time. To have lived and worked alongside both of them. On the opposite side, the film has had its fair share of problems and has a large cost in terms of resources, relationships and energy for all involved. 

There have been many lessons learned, some the hard way, some I wish I never had to go through. But it feels good to be at the other side, starting something new but taking pride in the fact that - despite the odds - we did it. We created something special; I am not saying it's good or bad, but it is special to those of us involved, those who have lived and worked with the amazing locals of Kingsand and Cawsand. At the very least its a historical document. At the very most other people will enjoy it.

 Leo and Malcolm fishing in Cawsand Bay.

Leo and Malcolm fishing in Cawsand Bay.

I honestly can't thank everyone who has been involved in the project enough. But once more, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Its been a chance to cultivate old relationships, forge new ones and be at the heart of a community.

Leo, my co-producer will be handling the road map for the documentary. The film will be shown in Austria for a short time, of course a screening in Cawsand and Kingsand, along with a screening in Plymouth. Eventually the film will be made available online for download and a limited DVD run will be produced. A website will go live in the summer and more information will be added to the blog and on the Last Fisherman site.

See you at the screening. "Geddon me ansome".

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