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Confusing starting, with failing. Perhaps its the badge across that warm, comfy sweater that reads 'If you don't start then you can't fail. Wearing the sweater makes us feel safe, gives us an excuse or a reason NOT to do something. Sounds crazy right?

But of course not starting is the crazy bit, I mean what do we have to loose? It can be difficult to admit we don't know something, or walk into a environment where so many people, so many younger people know more than we do.

They move effortlessly, react quicker, stay composed, are fitter and have more time!

Yep, the sweater fits nicely - if you don't start the you can't fail.

However NOT starting and NOT failing eventually leads to the same outcome, just with different names. So yes, the best time to start was last year. The second best time to start is right now. See you on the mat, in class or on the road.

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