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Creating More Art - Work & Aikido


When fun and easy becomes difficult and frightening.

Allot of us do creative work, work which reveals a part of who we are on the inside. We are getting paid not only for completing the work, but for the emotional labor that involves. That can be frightening. It's frightening to stand up for what we believe in, what we care about, for those creative risks we have to own up to.

Its the same when you put on your Gi and walk out on to that mat. Our skill is on show, our bodies, brains, even our spirit. Two things might hold us back; The fear of telling the truth, whatever that might be - or the lame strategy of hiding the truth from ourselves (and others). 

So don't practise? But its important to practise our art, it was fun, easy but now we care a little more and stakes increase we hear a voice inside, a voice others can hear too that says "She cares about this".

Your art is vitally important, and what makes it art is that it is personal, positive and fraught with failure. This is precisely why it's scarce, therefore valuable - it's difficult to stand up, own it and say, "look, I move like this" or "here you go, this came out of my head... it didn't exist and I made it... for you".

Personally, making a documentary (film) is far, far easier than screening it to the people involved in producing it, letting them watch it, letting them look inside me. Judge me, And don't even ask me to demonstrate a bokken kata.

I thought of this whilst finishing Linda Holiday's book, I was fortunate to meet Linda, train with her and listen to stories about her time training with Motomichi Anno Sensei in Japan.

Here's something we might do: We might make a bookmark. We can write down our state of mind, our feelings, the element of our own Aikido (work or art) we are developing. We will go to a local book store and try to find a copy of an important book, like Linada's. One day, someday, someone will buy the book and perhaps find the bookmark.

A karmic, Douglas Adams style connection will happen, and you'll be connected to a stranger. Your thoughts and art will be in the world, and perhaps one day, this stranger, this reader, this fellow adventurer will continue the chain, putting her bookmark in someone else's important, must read, life changing book.

I don't know about you, but right now, the urgency is real. The urgency to move, to learn, to create more art, create better art and build more connections.

Your message might just give the next person the courage to keep going with its starts to get tough, to level up, and go on to reveal a little more of themselves to the world. We need you.