Liam Smith

Sound, Lighting & Post

ellesse Sport X Liam Smith FINAL 2K Crop.00_04_46_12.Still029.jpg


A nostalgic brand documentary for Ellesse sport, featuring WBO light-middleweight champion, Liam Smith. Ellesse, a sports apparel company, founded in Italy in 1959 are deeply connected to the sports industry, although Liam is their first brand ambassador for the sport of boxing. Ellesse's director wished to focus on Liam's achievements and family life, mixing documentary aesthetics with stylised training routines.


Sound Recordist, Lighting Tech, Colourist & Sound Mixer

5k RAW @ 8:1
REDlogFilm / REDWideGamutRGB
24-bit 48Khz WAV

Produced by
Ellesse Sport / Anattic

Red Scarlet-W / Ultra Primes
CMC 6 Mk41, SD Mixer, Ambient TC
Adobe Premiere, Davinci Resolve, Logic Pro.



Within the small, multi-disciplined team I was tasked to support the DoP with lighting duties. This included positioning of large 4K fixtures on platforms, setting up 2k fixtures outside of windows, adding diffusion, installing practicals, positioning eye lights and reflectors.

When we rolled, I filled in as the unit sound recordist; capturing the simple live action on a boom with a Schoeps CMC 6 with MK41 capsule into a Sound Devices Mix Pre 6. Timecode between camera and recorder was synced using Ambient Lockits. As with the Nina Nesbitt project I replaced camera audio in post with the boom and mixed/designed the sound to support the director's story. Liam's narration was recorded on location with the MK41.

The required look was to be tough, nostalgic and dreamlike. I graded the short in Resolve using a Kodak 35mm LUT, and kept the images warmer, slightly desaturated and allowed specific colours such as red and blues to pop through,

The camera, a Red Scarlet-W was equipped with a Global Shutter Motion Mount, costing the sensor 1-stop of light leading to some noisy images. Noise reduction was applied in Resolve to the blue channel, and film grain added to keep a raw, pushed feel to the image.