Nina Nesbitt

Edit, Grade & Sound Design



Nina Nesbitt is a solo musician that bravely chose a path of authenticity after splitting with her record label to peruse a new musical direction. Nina values the freedom to create and express herself, leading to the release of a new EP and the start of UK tour about her journey. A brand documentary, produced for Ellesse,  director, Matt Page wished to explore the theme of a journey by following Nina on tour, seeing glimpses of her life at homes and discussing her passion for storytelling in her music.


Editor, Colourist & Sound Designer

ProRes 4k UHD Arri Log-C
32-bit 48Khz WAV

Produced by
Ellesse / Anattic

Arri Amira, 416, Adobe Premiere, Davinci Resolve, Logic Pro.



I was brought on to the project by director Matt Page to complete the online edit; I defined the rehearsal sequence, slowed down the bedroom performance and tightened up the whole film; rippling edit points, trimming and re-positioning clips.

After noise reduction and stabilisation in Resolve, shots were graded through a 35mm Kodak LUT with simulated grain. Project photography director James Copson wanted to push a warmer colour into the shadows; pink was appropriate as it was a practical lighting colour choice added on location.

Nina's narration was cleaned using iZotope RX 6 - mixed to suitable web LKFS levels in Logic Pro. EQ'd and compressed using Fab Filters. I kept the sound design simple. Replacing camera audio with the boom; adding tone, ambience, foley and spot effects. The rehearsal sequence employed a produced track for the duration of the scene; this was replaced with location audio to make a clear distinction between the rehearsal and the gig, until the end of the scene where it blends.