Camera & Post



Flooglebinders mission is to help people gain vital experience and qualifications within the environmental sector; promoting the importance of sustainable travel. Ian and Brad, the team behind the brand, are educational travel specialists offering volunteers conservation and community projects in Africa, Europe and Asia.

These short films were created to promote Floogles work with schools; telling the story of a collection of students travelling to Greece, working with a turtle conservation charity who are protecting nesting Archelon turtles. These short documentaries explore three very different students and how they are processing this unique experience.


Camera Operator & Colourist

Canon XF 50Mbps CBR 4:2:2

Produced by
Anattic / Ronin

Canon C300, Canon C100, EF Lenses



Produced by a small crew who were embedded with the students, I was the lead camera operator responsible for capturing different types of footage, ranging from the uncontrolled action (cinéma vérité) to staged sequences of the characters.

It was decided to shoot entirely handheld, using a C300 and zoom lens on a shoulder rig, allowing for faster movement and reaction to events. Longer focal lengths were used when possible to create an observational, cinematic feel. A second camera covered either the same scene or another event simultaneously.

The director wanted a vintage, soft, warm and film-like feel to the images, akin to a 16mm piece of holiday footage. This was achieved in resolve by pushing warmer colour in the highlights, softening the footage and adding film grain.