East to West

Photographer & Camera



Trekking themed documentary pilot, developed in association with the BBC, travelling from east to west of the Himalayas Covering over 4000km and at times at over 18,000ft. 


Photographer & Camera Operator


Produced by

Canon XF 305, Canon 5D, Canon 1D &
EF L Series Lenses



While working at Apple, I was offered the opportunity to join a small, low budget documentary pilot shoot for a series of trekking films and potentially a 60-minute special for the BBC. Initially, I joined as a still photographer but was asked to shoot video alongside stills.

Leaving Apple was a difficult decision, but the first time I saw the sun rising over the Himalayas, I knew it was the right one. I was attached to the project for just under 6 months, and covered 4000km on foot, working at altitudes of up to 18,500ft.

I had assistant duties ensuring all the equipment was fully powered, cleaned, protected and operational even in extreme environments and circumstances - without access to regular power.

I fell seriously ill, the group was attacked, involved in a bus crash with several fatalities - yet I found myself learning, adapting and
enjoying myself through the hardest of times. 

This was the first time I had photographed people so closely and directly; subsequently, I developed an approach that was respectful,  soft, friendly and professional. It worked well, allowing me to gain rapport quickly, thus have access to locations and people I would never have thought possible. Some particularly special moments included a family funeral in Langtang, Nepal, camping with the Indian Army in Phalute and being invited into a private Nepali-only Raksi house. 

I learnt a lot about different cultures and religions, especially Buddhism, Island and Hinduism. We worked at many monasteries, shrines and temples including one of the most sacred Hindu temples of Nepal - Pashupatinath Temple.

I learnt even more about my own rudimentary leadership, organisational, communication and production skills from my producer - my biggest take away was to work fast, never give up and make three shot from one.