Inclusion TV

Production & Camera



Youth in Action is a European Union programme designed to support young people. An aspect of the programme includes the hosting of events and seminars, intended to provide training to youth and social workers. Each seminar has a theme, this year it was Inclusion. At the end of the young people who had been involved in the programme wanted to express how they feel when they are excluded by adults in society. This film is what we produced.


Director & Camera Operator

HD 1080p 50Mbps 4:2:2 MPEG-2

Produced by
AK Tirol / EU YIA

Canon C300, Red Rock Shoulder Rig



Co-developed with youth workers and young people, the film aimed to explain who young people can feel when they are excluded by adults in their daily lives. The narration was scripted after speaking with all the young people who participated in the seminar. People, shots, locations and the shots style were considered beforehand. Lighting and choices were made. With a plan in place, a group of two young people and myself shot the scenes over the course of two days and produced an edit by the end of the week as to have to film ready to show by the end of the seminar.