Light & Dark

35mm analogue photography project; European youngsters on an Erasmus+ photography residential.



Cameras are everywhere. Everyone who owns a smartphone now owns a camera.

More pictures are taken today than ever before. Yet more of us know less and less about the process of creating images outside of a camera phone and Instagram account. This project hopes to demonstrate that the art, creativity and soul of photography still exists. And todays young people can still connect with it through shooting on film. A tactile experience where the artist lives the experience, connects with their tools, and tell stories that evoke the stonrgest emotions for themselves - and hopefully to those looking at their work.


The Photographers

Each group was made up of five to six Austrians from the Tirol region, near Innsbruck. Working with colleagues at Cubic and AK Tirol, the youngsters we selected based on the challenges they were facing and there passion for photography. The group lived and work together for a month, staying in shared accommodation in Cawsand village, Cornwall. As part of the programme the group learned cooking skills with a mentor from a partnering charity called Kona. We supported local events such as coffee mornings and choir evenings. Helped the local fisherman and received English lessons once a week.

The first week was predominantly taken up by photography training. Looking at various photographers, their styles and influences and solidifying that inspiration with a basic technical understanding. Each camera was completely manual 35mm SLR, with no  auto focus or exposure.  

Each person chose their own portfolio subject and had the option to shoot one colour photograph. The remainder was black and white, all developed then printed by hand in a local darkroom. A selection of the groups work is available online below, a small private viewing happens locally, and the final prints are moved to Austria for public display.



 Group photo at the local exhibition, Cawsand Congregational Church.

Group photo at the local exhibition, Cawsand Congregational Church.



My name is Eva. I am an eighteen year old girl from Tirol, a mountainous and touristic region in the west of Austria.

My first experience in photography was with a small digital camera which was a present from my parents when I was about eight. I took photos on holidays or even at home. I got more and more interested in taking photographs, but never usually printed them.

I came to England to learn more about photography, especially analogue photography. I wanted to learn how to develop photos from an analogue camera and how to set up the camera for the right shot. 


My name is Max and I am seventeen, I was born in Salzburg and now I live in Innsbruck.

My photos are a comment on the ‘selfie’ culture.

I am a snowboarding fanatic and I also enjoy basketball (being tall helps!), ice hockey and skiing.

I enjoy taking photographs of trees and landscapes – I started when I was a child using my phone. Now I have learned to take better pictures as well as process them.

In the future I will continue to take photos – I can’t wait to see how my photos will be different following the project. 


I am Marcel – an eighteen year old computer geek.

I had absolutely no expectations whatsoever - because I was never into photography. The first pictures I ever took were on my phone. Now my opinion has changed. I’m loving photography a lot. Especially because I’m not good with people – I use the camera as a way to start a conversation to get over the awkward parts of it!

Analogue photography is something I never really seen before – but I really like this “old school” style. I have to say, when I get home I will continue – and who knows what will come out of it. 


My name is Furkan. I am eighteen years old. I live in Reutte which is famous for its high line pedestrian bridge and historic castle.

My first experience of photography was using my phone and posting selfies on social media – shooting cars, especially BMWs!

I have really enjoyed this project – I have made new friends whilst learning about analogue cameras. Now I can focus manually and use shutter speed and aperture to help capture good shots. This experience means in the future I will take much better photographs with better understanding of how cameras work.


My name is Nadine. I am seventeen years old and I’m from Innsbruck. Welcome to our exhibition! My photos are scenes that I would consider typically British.

I started taking photographs when I was seven years old. My sister gave me a camera and I liked to take a lot of pictures with it. I took the most pictures of my family and my dog.

During this project I have learned how to take good photos with an analogue camera and how to develop he films in the darkroom. My English has improved too! The project has been interesting and I have met nice, new people. 


My name is Raffaela. I’m eighteen years old and I live in Mils, a village near Innsbruck.

I’m here in England because a few friends of mine had been on projects here. So I did some research and informed myself about the project. The focus of this project is photography and that has sparked my interest. It’s a bit funny – but my first experience with the camera was with my friend. We took a lot of selfies – so my photo session began!

Here in Cawsand I have learned a lot about how to deal with analogue cameras, what to look for and how to get a good picture. 



 Training delivered with the help of Petra Kalocova, Seb Franceschi, Mark Lomas and Emma Maggs.  Group picture on 5x4 Ilford HP5 Film, taken inside  Ocean Studios , Plymouth. October 2016.   Photograph by  Mark Lomas

Training delivered with the help of Petra Kalocova, Seb Franceschi, Mark Lomas and Emma Maggs.
Group picture on 5x4 Ilford HP5 Film, taken inside Ocean Studios, Plymouth. October 2016. Photograph by Mark Lomas



Hi, I’m Caroline from Austria.

I found this project through my interest in taking pictures with my digital camera.

For me it was a totally new experience to take black and white photographs with a 35mm, analogue camera. It was something I had never done or considered before.

Back home I am a gardener, that’s why my project was focused on trees, flowers and animals.


Hi, I’m Dave.

When I heard about this project I thought it could give me a very different experience to the building and construction industry in which I was active in.

I decided to join in and, on arrival to England and after some initial training I chose the subject of “wildlife & nature” to shoot. This totally fits to my character. I love spending time in the nature and sneaking up to shy animals to take a photograph.


Hello! My name is Raoul, I’m 18 years old and from Austria.

I first got in touch with photography through my grandfather. He showed me pictures of his journeys all around the globe and also the developing process behind his work. Because of this, when I heard about this analogue photography project I had to be part of it. In these four weeks I got more confident in speaking English and learned a lot about black and white 35mm photography.


Hi, my name is Maria. I am now really into photography because of this project. A group of us learned about analogue photography, and now photography is my hobby! I like it because I can capture special moments of places and people. In the future I will take pictures of landscapes, along with street photography. All in all I had a great time on this project and I’m happy I could learn so much.


I am a young photographer from Tirol, Austria.

This work is the result of a project taking place in and around the UK city of Plymouth. With my pictures I have tried to capture moments with people and their surroundings. I worked with a Zenit 11 with a 55mm lens, and a Nikon FM with a Nikkor 50mm - both loaded with Ilford HP5 and FP4 film.