Production, Camera & Post



A series of short-form content in a brand, cine doc style on behalf of  Momentum, a Non For Profit that provides training and career development opportunities. The four films were created following four characters taking part in a week-long training programme in London. 


Director, Camera & 
Motion Graphics Animator

1080p HD

Produced by
Momentum / Ronin

Canon 5D MkIII, EF Primes, Rode NTG 3 & Apple Motion



Working closely with Momentum's creative director a small crew joined the week-long, incredibly intensive leadership course to document the experience of four young professionals. 

The theme of the films was the reason that person was on the course, what kind of person would they like to develop into and how?

Each film follows the same pattern - a character intro sequence with motion graphics to bring the person to life, followed by an introduction to the course, venues and activities happening during the during the week. Each sequence tailored to that specific person. The story discusses the characters motivations, accompanied by footage of them taking part in the final challenge.

The camera work was all handheld on a shoulder rig, shooting through prime lenses. Primes provided extra flexibility for shooting in uncontrolled environments and added to the photographic aesthetic. The interviews were mostly conducted on the move or in situ; prior, after or during an event was happening, giving the impression of the story and character continually moving forward.

US-based musician Brad Sucks provided different music for each film to give them a sense of continuity.

Motion graphics help support the story and reiterate key pieces of information while keeping the style playful and inline with the Momentum brand. Clean video plates were tracked, and the graphics were composited into the scene and lit with 2D lighting to replicate the 3D world. Shadows/reflections were added, colours blended and the motion animated by hand - all within Apple Motion.