PLANT is an open design studio and workshop space for the city of Manchester. They are tooled up to make things out of wood, clay and cloth. 

Anyone can use the facilities, free of charge, as long as the project will make Manchester a more exciting place to be. 

To inform locals about where PLANT is located, and what they offer I was commissioned to create a series of short POV films from the perspective of a new visitor, heading to PLANT from various Manchester locations.


Director & 1st AC

XDCAM 1080p

Produced by
PLANT / Ronin / Anattic

Sony F3, Zeiss CP2s, Davinci Resolve



I was approached by Noma and Anattic to devise a way to show Manchester where Plant was based. After exploring some different concepts, I decided on the PoV idea as it was a great way communicate a route, along with landmarks. It was also a way to show how open, practical and diverse the services plant offer are. This idea could be compressed into a short space of time using jump cuts. 

With a quick lead time, I put together a small crew to test some possibilities. GoPro cameras felt a little low quality and cheesy, besides it was impossible to control the focus. We tried mounting cameras to elements and sourcing a custom helmet rig for a DSLR, controlling focus wireless. The weight and size of the rig made that approach impractical. Finally, we went old school and mounted a wide CP2 lens to a Sony F3 Camera on the operator's shoulder, and an assistant would be the hands of the person, creating the illusion of perspective.

3 core sequences were shot in full, with multiple, shorter edits to be used on various platforms as needed.