Royal Air Force

Photographer & Videographer



The RAF continually needs to update the UK and the world on its capabilities and operations, especially at times of conflict in areas where civilian news teams may not have access. The Airforce also needs to create PR material for recruitment and retention, and engage in phycological operations and surveillance. 


Ground / Combat Photographer & ENG Videographer


Produced by

Nikon & Canon DSLRs, Sattelite Transmitter, Panasonic P2 Video Cameras



I was trained as a photographer and Airmen at RAF Halton, Benson and the Defence School of Photography, RAF Cosford.

The training gave me a foundation in helicopter and battlefield operations. Specific training included trauma first aid, NBC attack, leadership, weapons handling, off-road driving, helicopters and bushcraft.

I was honoured to win the JHC award for best photographer in 2010-11 for a series of images produced with 606 Sqn. RAF Benson.

I deployed to N.A.F El Centro USA with a helicopter squadron in 2009, operating in 50-degree heat in the Californian desert. With the support of my CO, I won four awards in 2011, including Photograph and Video Package of the Year in the annual RAF competition. I was asked to work with all forces and considered leaving my civilian occupation to join the service fulltime. However, after loosing-out on a combat camera deployment, I sacrificed a military career to concentrate on film and video production.