Lighting & Camera

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Three short films created for the salon / barber IT specialist, Shortcuts Software. The client profiles films explore the benefits of using Shortcut's software through the eye of Manchester top Barber, Inky Steve; recently a father and new business owner. And London's own Richard and Helen Ward; Salon owners, entrepreneurs and stylists to the worlds rich and famous.


Lighting Tech & Camera Operator

5k RAW @ 10:1
REDlogFilm / REDWideGamutRGB
24-bit 48Khz WAV

Produced by
Shortcuts Software / Anattic

Red Scarlet-W / Cooke S4i, Ultra Primes, Movi Pro, Westcott LED Lighting & Arri M18s



The Red Scarlet-W was my camera of choice given its RAW recording, wide dynamic range and film-like quality. Locations would predominantly be interiors with a mixture of lighting sources, some of which would be uncontrollable. 

Inky Steve's story demanded a vintage tone/feel, therefore was shot using Cooke S4i prime lenses with an Arri WCU for the 1st AC to focus. Steve's scenes were all handheld to continue that 'hipster' vibe. Due to the compressed schedule battery powered LED lighting was used to accentuate interior practicals at his home. Inside his shop was lit by x2 Arri M18 with reflectors and negative fill strategically placed.

In visual contrast, the two Salon shorts were photographed with the Red attached to Movi Pro, smoothing out the motion and allowing for a few more dramatic camera moves. Focus again was achieved by an AC using the Arri WCU wireless remote. The Red was attached to the Movi, then connected to me on an EasyRig. 

The lens choice was Zeiss Ultra Primes, in part due to their size and weight but to distinguish the look of the lenses from Ink Steve. Time was tight again, so LED lighting was strategically used along with reflectors and negative fill.